08/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Slate 's Mapped Diagram Of Administration Wrongdoing Demonstrates The Awfulness Of Alberto Gonzalez

The only thing in all the world I love more than flowcharts, which are awesome, are Venn diagrams. I especially adore interactive Venn diagrams and I am really, really fond of this one on Slate, that maps out the Bush White House's five major crimes and groups the people involved. It's big help, considering the fact that you'll want to know, going forward, who needs to be put in the stockade and who needs to bound, blindfolded, folded into a stress position and carted off to a CIA prison or the Hague.

Anyway, you wouldn't imagine that there would be a single figure who's involvement in pure, un-American malfeasance was so deep and wide and vast that they'd be central to all these major crimes, but you'd be wrong! At the middle of the entire mess is the man who I've long and happily and comfortably referred to as the Worst American In My Lifetime, former Attorney General and Affront to God Himself Alberto Gonzalez. Slate says, "if this were The Sopranos he'd be our Silvio."

The entire presentation is well-laid out by Slate, and it should be sufficient in demonstrating that everyone out there currently writing that Batman, as portrayed in The Dark Knight, is a fitting stand-in for the Bush administration needs to have their heads examined, by gorillas armed with powerful jackhammers.