08/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vlogorrhea: Jason and Ana Get Sophomoric!

This past week was one where nobody in the world of politics -- not the candidates, not their surrogates, not the media reporting on them -- felt the need to act like an adult. So why the hell should Ana or I? In our latest sit-down, we just allowed things to get unhinged rather quickly, which led to the heavily edited, beset-on-all-sides by animals vlog posted below. But don't fret: we did get around to answering your inquiries, including whether McCain's recent silliness is sophomoric stunt or sound strategy, what sci-fi villain Bill Kristol resembles, what the whole deal with "the race card" is, and a lesson in research for Post columnist Richard Cohen.

Great, great questions this time around! Please keep them coming! Especially if there's a way where Ana and I can work in our various Comic-Con obsessions. Keep sending us emails!