09/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sex Tips From Around The World: Two Couples Try Them Out

From Sweden:

To get in the mood, the couple had to whet their appetites by sampling Swedish cuisine. But the gastronomic delights of pickled fish and vegetables failed to hit any spot, least of all a G-spot.

"We were instructed to blindfold and feed each other odd-looking foods," explains Lauren. "They tasted absolutely disgusting and we ended up in fits of laughter.

"John is really sensitive to certain foods and he came out in a rash. We found it hilarious but it didn't do much to get us in the mood."

From Germany:

They hoped dressing up in kinky outfits would do the job. But Chris in the German national dress of Lederhosen proved another comedy episode.

"There was nothing sexy about lederhosen at all," says Laura. "In another outfit he looked like Adam Ant with black leggings and puffy sleeves."

Police uniforms Chris and Laura did get hot under the collar in their final challenge - playing with sex toys in police uniforms.

Since the show, Laura and Chris' sex life has perked up but they credit it to their laughs and closeness rather than the advice itself.

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