10/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Heather Palin: Sarah Palin's Sister Comments On Speech

CBS talks to Sarah Palin's sister, Heather, about the speech Wednesday night and Piper Palin's "adorable" hair lick.

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ, co-host (St. Paul, Minnesota):

There were many proud Alaskans watching Governor Sarah Palin address the

Republican National Convention here last night. One of the proudest was

Palin's sister, Heather Bruce, who's in Anchorage, Alaska, this morning.

Good morning, Heather.

Ms. HEATHER BRUCE (Governor Sarah Palin's Sister): Good morning.

RODRIGUEZ: How do you think your sister did last night?

Ms. BRUCE: I thought it was a fabulous speech. We were so proud. We were

very excited. As a family member, I was especially proud.

RODRIGUEZ: There was this adorable moment that was captured on Camera. I'm

sure you saw it when Piper was licking her hand and kind of rubbing her baby

brothers' head. It seems like a real close-knit family. Can you talk a

little bit about that?

Ms. BRUCE: Oh, we are. We are close-knit. There are 13 grandkids that my

parents have and we all live within a small radius of each other, so we're all

each other's gate keepers, watch keepers, babysitters, care givers. We are

close and the cousins love each other and the aunts and uncles, we look out

for each other.

RODRIGUEZ: There's been a lot of talk this week about family, talk that

family is off limits in a campaign. Yet we see your sister with her kids,

introducing them, showing them on camera, and she even mentioned you in her

speech last night. So the question is, is it OK to use family in a campaign

when it benefits the candidate and not OK when it's negative?

Ms. BRUCE: I just thought it was OK that Sarah introduces her family just to

show that she's a real American family. I don't really have an opinion on

whether it's beneficial or not, but in my opinion tonight I thought it was

just a gracious act for Sarah to recognize because I think she realizes that

without a lot of family support in her situation that, you know, this has come

a long way with a lot of family support.

RODRIGUEZ: And you're OK that she mentioned you?

Ms. BRUCE: And she was recognizing that.

RODRIGUEZ: Gave you--gave you your five seconds of fame last night?

Ms. BRUCE: I don't--I don't seek the limelight or the press. I was

surprised, but I wasn't offended whatsoever. You know, it was pretty gracious

of her. That was kind of nice.

RODRIGUEZ: Lastly, Heather, when will you get to see your sister again? Do

you know what her plans are now?

Ms. BRUCE: I haven't been told any details. I think my daughter's returning

on Friday. I don't know if the Palin family's coming back with her or not, so

all I know is that I thought Sarah was going to help deploy maybe Track and

his--and the rest of his troop next week, so I'm hoping to see her in the next

few days, if she's not too busy.

RODRIGUEZ: Oh, I'm sure she'll be quite busy. Heather Bruce, thank you.

Ms. BRUCE: Thank you, Maggie.