11/08/2008 06:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My First Convention: Trent Lott

You see lots of interesting people on a convention floor, but sometimes you can't quite believe your eyes when you see Senator Trent Lott . I asked a random delegate in a Hawaiian shirt holding a camera, "Excuse me, am I crazy or is that Trent Lott?" He said, "You're not crazy!" and started beelining for my quarry. So I grabbed my stuff and cut through a bank of chairs, beating him by seconds. "Excuse me, Senator Lott," I said, introducing myself as from the Huffington Post. He made a faux-recoiling action. "I'm the media columnist," I quickly corrected, forgetting that might not be the most popular type of columnist to be for the GOP right about now. Nonetheless, he was very pleasant, agreeing to speak into my little camera. "Where are you from, California?" he asked. "No, Canada!" I said. "I'm just an observer here." "You can't vote? Ah," he said. "You're harmless then." "Yep, harmless!" I said, and pressed record.