10/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin's Earmarks-Per-Day Total Out Higher Than Obama

Hate to be, you know, comparing the top of one ticket with the number two spot on the other ticket, but since one of the cases being put forth in Sarah Palin's favor is Barack Obama's earmark record, this paragraph, buried in an article in today's Wall Street Journal is significant.

It is difficult to compare Sen. Obama's earmark record with Gov. Palin's -- their states differ in size, for instance, and the two candidates play different roles in the process. But using the same calculation that the McCain campaign uses, the total amount of earmarked dollars divided by the number of working days while each held office (assuming a five-day workweek, every week, for both), Gov. Palin sought $980,000 per workday, compared with roughly $893,000 for Sen. Obama.

The McCain campaign has an excuse, masquerading as an "explanation."

Mr. Bounds, the McCain campaign spokesman, called this an "apples and oranges comparison" because Sen. Obama sought more than Gov. Palin and because she cut earmark requests.