10/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clay Aiken's Baby's Mom Speaks: "We Love Each Other Dearly"

Are there any baby-related chores that you or Clay shy away from?
Jaymes: It's funny because we were both very relaxed from the minute he was born. But the one thing I'm a little nervous about is clipping his hand nails because I think I might cut him, so Clay definitely has a handle on that and takes care of that. [Parker] doesn't like baths so much, so I tend to do the bathing because he kind of cries through that so I've taken that on as a job. Clay would be happy to do that, but I just figure, okay, if he does the nails, I'll do the bath.

How has your relationship with Clay changed since Parker's birth?

Jaymes: We love each other dearly and deeply as friends, but I think as parents now, there's an even greater bond, certainly for me. Our job is to remain best friends for the rest of our lives and that's the most important thing for Parker.

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