11/02/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Playboy Seeking Wall Street Women

BloggingStocks reports that Playboy has some work of the XXX variety for out-of-work Wall Streeters of the XX-chromosome variety:

If you've recently been laid off from your six-figure job at a top Wall Street investment and haven't been able to find anything on, your search is over: Playboy (NYSE: PLA) has you covered. The magazine is looking for models for an upcoming "Women of Wall Street" feature.

Gary Cole, Playboy's photo editor, told Reuters that "It would be more interesting to have someone who's a financial analyst." Compensation will be determined in part by how many people apply for the "positions."

Sounds like more bad news for the Playboy employees. Hugh Hefner reportedly just laid off a few Playboy bunnies and rumor has it more job cuts are coming amid the current financial crisis.