The Obama Anniversary Album (SLIDESHOW)

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UPDATE 10/28:On Monday night Michelle Obama stopped by "The Tonight Show" and talked about her 16th wedding anniversary on October 3rd. "[Barack] is very romantic. He tried to buy me flowers, and he did buy me flowers, but I was reading the clips and I saw that he had bought me flowers before he gave me the flowers. I read it in the paper. I was like, 'Oh lovely!' I knew they were white, I knew what color they were. But I thought we would just skip this celebration 'cause he's kind of busy, and I said 'Don't worry about it, we'll celebrate after,' and he says 'No, I'm coming home' he took me out for dinner."

Back by popular demand, we present you with more Obama PDA! The Obamas' Greatest PDA Moments slideshow earlier this week was such a success that it made some readers weep while others cried for more. So, on the 16th anniversary of the Obamas' marriage, we present Part II. (Also: we highly recommend you read the comments below and on the first slideshow because, damn it, even we're getting a little choked up.)

The Obamas' Anniversary Album