11/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Elisabeth Murdoch's 40th Birthday Party Draws Celebs From Politics, Media, Business, And Entertainment

Party People: Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud's Circle of Influence

From the NY dinner that brought Sarahs Brown and Palin together to the biggest 40th Birthday party Burford ever saw, this power couple's sphere of influence unites the worlds of media, business and politics - where do you fit in?

Married 2001. Murdoch's Shine Group is one of the UK's biggest independent producers, behind Life on Mars and Ugly Betty. PR firm Freud Communications spans the worlds of politics, showbiz and business. The following were among guests at Murdoch's 40th birthday, held at Burford Priory

4 Tony Blair A regular guest at the couple's well-attended soirees and Freud also works for the former prime minister's Faith Foundation.

11 Rupert Murdoch The chairman and chief executive of News Corp.

21 Martin Sorrell Chief executive of WPP and Britain's best-known ad man.

22 Howard Stringer Head of Sony, which has a stake in Lis Murdoch's Shine production company.

29 Bono Rock star turned political campaigner - Freud was responsible for launching Bono's campaign to fight Aids and other diseases in Africa, Project Red.

30 Bob Geldof With the help of Richard Curtis and Freud, revisited the Live Aid concerts with Live 8, 20 years later.

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