11/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Palin on SNL: The Reaction

Sarah Palin will be making an appearance on SNL tonight — a campaign staple as predictable as, say, appearing on "Meet The Press"...oh, never mind — and plenty of people are NOT happy about it. With its entree into the election cycle as an influential player, SNL has become a lightning rod for criticism from one side or another who accuse it of being "in the tank," first for Barack Obama (in Nov//07) then Hillary Clinton (with Tina Fey's infamous "bitch is the new black!"), then variously for John McCain (guest star at th end of last season), Obama again (they're not hard-hitting enough!), et cetera depending which political candidate or ex-candidate is making an appearance (count Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee in there, too). After Fey's evisceration of Palin simply by combining a great impression with the raw material Palin herself provided (Bush Doctrine, Couric interview verbatim), complaints of unfairness and bias rose from the right. Now, with Palin finally slotted to cameo on SNL tonight (not host - that is Josh Brolin, aka "W"), people on the left are up in ams, claiming that allowing her to appear in such a favorable situation (i.e. SNL protects their political guests and makes sure they are given good material) is unconscionable and unfair and un-many other things that people are tussling over in the heated last few weeks until the election. Our friends at tapped into this, expressing the wishes of people who write things like this and this (and presumably in the comments section below!), with a simple yet effective e-card: