11/21/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Child's Garden Of Anti-Gay Hipster YouTubes

Over at RADAR, Choire Sicha has collected a bounty of YouTube videos, all taking a position in favor of Proposition 8, which would roll back the recent gains for gay marriage in the state of California, and all featuring incoherent hipsters in an attempt to make legislating discrimination cool. "This. Is. Hilarious. And also sad," says Sicha.

Here's the best one, and by "best," I mean, "most filled with specious reasoning":

Sicha pushes back with a point-by-point fisking:

1. Says Gar Wai: "There's a whole bunch of consequences!" Churches could be forced to have same sex marriages! Right. Because gay people are just dying to get married in your ugly church that hates them. That's how they want to remember their wedding day.

2. Says "Daniel": "Legal defenses based on religious freedoms are less likely to succeed." Um, legal defenses such as... the right to keep gays out of the Boy Scouts? Too late!

3. Says "Suubi": "Religious adoption agencies" might have to give babies to gays! Or stop giving away babies altogether! Fine, they can keep their Catholic babies then, if it's so terrible to give them to gays.

4. Says "Geoff": "Those who oppose same sex marriage on religious ground wills be increasingly labeled as intolerant." HA, YES THEY WILL. Yes you are.

5. Says "Jennie Lynne": "If Prop 8 fails" children will be taught that marriages are all the same. Oh no!

6. "Barbara" agrees: Gays will have the "equal" of traditional marriages!

7. "Adam" who is a law student at UCLA, allegedly: "The change of the legal definition of marriage could narrow personal liberties -- and some of them are even lost!" Somehow he thinks photographers will be forced to photograph gay weddings and that doctors will be forced to do artificial insemination of lesbians. That's weird, because in America private business owners have the right to turn down any work they want, Adam, which probably they taught you in your first year at law school?

8. "Alissa": "It's really about gaining control, forcing all of us to give up the very foundation of speech and religious freedoms on which this country was founded." This is so fundamentally retarded that it's unclear what she's saying. Gay marriage impedes freedom of speech? Neither does it impinge on religious freedom. Your church is completely free not to marry gay people -- just as it's completely free to not ordain women priests!

It's awfully nice that gay marriage has a defender like Sicha, a writer who actually "knows" "things" and who "makes" "sense." But what opponents of Proposition 8 could really use, is maybe some sort of high-profile, "transformational" leader -- maybe a Presidential candidate, let's say! -- who's willing to come out against these anti-gay forces as well!