11/29/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Finds Surprise Pocket Of Support In Brooklyn, NY

Venture to the southeastern point of Brooklyn, below Avenue H, and you will find a Brooklyn where Syrian Jews dine on kibbeh in Gravesend, and where Muslims heed the call to prayer in Bensonhurst. This is a Brooklyn where the manicured lawns and Mercedeses on Ocean Parkway or in Dyker Heights shout one kind of American dream, and where the Cyrillic lettering on the Russian supper clubs in Little Odessa speak another.


Yet for all its many disparate parts, there is one thing that many in this Brooklyn share: a belief in the candidacy of John McCain. Avenue H is, roughly by our measurement, Brooklyn's equivalent of the Mason-Dixon line. North of it - as our map of the borough reveals - is Obama country. But it is a different story south of Avenue H. Here, according to the Federal Election Commission, is the pocket of Brooklyn where contributions to McCain exceed those to Obama. In a sea of blue, this small quadrant of Brooklyn is an island of red.

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