12/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kay Hagan, Elizabeth Dole Senate Election Results: Hagan Defeats Dole

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***UPDATE, 11/4 8:54 pm***

CNN and NBC project that Kay Hagan has defeated Elizabeth Dole.

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The North Carolina Senate race has recently received much media attention over incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole's campaign tactics. Dole released a commercial trying to tie opponant Kay Hagan to an extreme atheist organization. The commercial even goes so far as to manipulate audio so that it appears that Hagan is saying "there is no god" at the end of the spot.


The ad has led to Hagan releasing an advertisement affirming her Christian faith, and in addition to this Hagan has sued Dole for defamation.

The upside of all this for Hagan, however is that she is up in the polls.