12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mailbag: Happily Fighting Uphill Battle In Red Missouri

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Suzann, from Christian County, Missouri, writes:

I'm 55, female, white and have never campaigned for a national candidate. Barack Obama opening an office in Nixa, Missouri, was a joke to the majority of Christian County (no kidding) residents. Yet two weeks after the Obama grand opening, a Republican HQ debuted in a new, pricier strip mall about a half-mile away.

Though I haven't been able to devote as many volunteer hours as I'd hoped, I've phone banked, canvassed, distributed door hangers and rebutted a local newspaper's editorial (misnomer: the county weeklies, like dozens of others in the area, are corporately owned by a Wal-Mart heir) that personally insulted Democrats in general and Obama supporters, specifically. It's optimistic to hope for a 25% D vote tally here during any primary or general election. Historically, a candidate for office from county clerk to coroner must file for the Republican side of the ballot to have a prayer of winning.

Which must generate complacency for local Republicans. My husband and I are registered Independents, but have neither seen nor heard from one Republican candidate, canvasser, robo-caller, or phone banker--local, county, state or national. No Republican literature whatsoever stuffed in the doorhandle. The local Repub HQ seems to exist merely as a pick-up site for signs or bumper stickers--I've only twice seen it staffed and open for business. To the contrary, the Obama office's hours have consistently been open and staffed for two months, 9-9 weekdays and Saturdays, and 1-6, Sundays.

Tomorrow we'll man and woman a polling site comfort station assigned by the Obama office. No voters' minds will be swayed from more of the same to the change we need. Obama will not carry Christian County, Missouri, or others surrounding, but he may, our state. By the polling results, Jay Nixon, a Democrat, will handily succeed Roy Blunt's son as governor. This being the peculiar state where in 2000, a deceased, past governor (Mel Carnahan) defeated John Ashcroft for the senate, I dream of a surprise sweep tomorrow against for Rep. Roy Blunt. (Please don't blame us, though, for Ashcroft's availability as Bush's first Attorney General).