12/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CNN Election Coverage Through The Years

CNN election coverage through the years courtesy The Guardian

Back in 1980 this was probably considered futuristic. Lou Dobbs and Bella Abzug host CNN's first US election coverage, five months after the news network's launch. Any similarity between the central section of the set behind them and the interior of Doctor Who's Tardis is entirely coincidental

You don't need snazzy graphics or breaking news alerts to understand what's going on here. It says it on the front of the desk. Pictured are Mary Alice Williams and Bernard Shaw, also from 1980. In the election, Ronald Reagan went on to win an overwhelming victory against Jimmy Carter

This just in ... Bernard Shaw and Mary Alice Williams in 1984. Williams went on to win an Emmy for her work on NBC Nightly News

Check out those shoulder pads. Is this a news channel or an American football match? It's 1988 and it's Lou Waters and Mary Ann Loughlin. That chap in the background really should be wearing braces

Photographs: CNN

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