12/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wherein My Friend Russ Live-Haikus His Vote

My friend Russ is Canadian, like me, but he likes to taunt me with the fact that he is also American — one of those elusive dual citizens that make their fellow Canadians who struggle with visas and immigration and the like very envious. Russ and I went to law school together — I am protecting his identity here so his clients aren't shocked by his association with a blogger (we are very shocking, you know) — and he knew that I had some serious voter envy, so he promised to let me know every little detail of his experience at the polls. He chose to do so by live-haiku-ing his voting experience for me, and I have reprinted it with his permission below.


7:45 am

Still undecided
Waiting on the line to vote
Both are such nice men

7:55 am

Line to vote is long
Unless you live in the sixth
District; then, you're in.

8:00 am

A ballot question:
Should veterans get more points on
Civil service test?

8:02 am

Line got shorter when
They figured out how to work
Second voting booth

8:05 am

At breakfast I will
Signal my vote to the world,
By my toast order.

8:06 am

Brother, looking calm.
Blue eyes hide nervous stresses
Decisions heavy.

8:08 am

"Are you on the list?"
She asks with concern, then more:
"Do you have ID?"

8:10 am

Oy! Not on the list!
How is it that New York has
Lost my name this time?

8:11 am

Taken to the side.
"Sign the affidavit, sir
Then you can go vote."

8:20 am

"What can I get you?"
"Eggs and two orders of toast,
One white and one brown."