12/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg: "We Have Finally Become Part of the Fabric of the United States of America"

A moment about history.

Tonight as I watched the numbers come in, I was cautiously optimistic that there would be a big change -- but I wasn't fully convinced. And then I called my mom, and the numbers kept changing and moving forward, and I said to her, "Ma, did you ever in your life think you would see this day?" And she said emphatically, "No. I never thought I'd live to see this day." And it surprised me because my mom is the most optimistic person that I know and it never occurred to me that this was something she was hoping for. Not just because it was a black candidate, but because it meant that anything was again possible in the United States of America.

I'm being black about his, I'm celebrating in my heart and I have screamed out of my window. I realized that for probably the first time in my life, in thinking about myself as an American, it occurred to me that this is really our arrival in the country that said everything was possible. We have finally become part of the fabric of the United States of America. This is just strictly speaking as a black person. It would be very difficult not to talk about the thrill of that part of it because 160 years have gone by and we have finally come to the place where we are ready for leaders and ready to look at leaders as men and women and perhaps not by their color. But it is the first time it has happened so folks should not be surprised that black folks are really, really happy about this.