12/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Was That New MacBook Really Green, After All? (VIDEO)

When it announced its newest laptop computer, Apple touted it as a more environmentally-friendly model, citing less energy use and more efficient construction. For example, the body of the computer is one aluminum piece, cutting down heavily on plastic. Some users are even reporting that they think the new MacBooks are running cooler than their predecessors -- which are known to get pretty hot.

Here's a quick summary of the good (at the beginning -- feel free to stop watching when it transitions to "glamping," or "glamorous camping"):

But Green Inc. reports that some experts remain skeptical of the "greenest" MacBook:

Well, as green gadgets go, the machine performs well. It achieves both Energy Star 4.0 compliance, as well as a gold rating from the Green Electronics Council. (Of course, 103 other notebooks have received gold status, too.)

The new MacBook has received mostly positive reviews from green-gadget watchers elsewhere -- albeit with caveats. "Its new laptops are definitely better," Casey Harrell, Greenpeace International's toxic campaigner, "told the technology news service Newsfactor, adding: "But not all toxic pieces have been eliminated yet."

Hank Green, founder and editor of EcoGeek.org, saw a different problem. "Although the computer is very efficient and uses less toxic and more recyclable materials," Mr. Green said in an e-mail message, "the one revolutionary aspect of the Macbook -- its solid aluminum brick construction -- is not green at all."

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