12/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Palin Turkey Ad: Conservative Group Releases Thanksgiving Spot "Honoring" Palin (VIDEO)

From the department of awkward timing: Days after video of Sarah Palin's interview in front of slaughtered turkeys became a web sensation, the conservative group Our Country Deserves Better releases a Thanksgiving-themed ad "thanking" Palin.

The opening of the spot features an announcer praising Palin...in front of images of roasted turkeys.

Take a look:

Some text from the email announcing the advertisement:

Friends, too many times we've seen politicians who "sell out" to the media or political pressure and succumb to politically correct, liberal positions, rather than fight for conservative beliefs. But Gov. Sarah Palin has stood steadfast by her conservatism, both in public as a politician, and in her own private life - carrying to full term her baby boy, Trig, rather than opting out for an abortion as some would have had her done. She believed in the value of that life, just as she believes in the greatness of America.

It's time for us to stand behind Sarah Palin now, not just to support her, but to also show other politicians that if they take the risk to champion conservative ideals, that they will find support from we, the American people.

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