01/14/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Franken On Ballot Challenges: I'll Have Less Than 500

The Franken campaign has again lowered the number of ballot challenges they will submit on Tuesday.

As reported by MinnPost.com, the campaign sent out this press release on Sunday:

Two days after members of the state canvassing board issued an urgent plea for campaigns to withdraw additional challenges in order to allow them to finish their work in a timely fashion, the Franken campaign today announced that it would have fewer than 500 challenges remaining for the board to consider on a ballot-by-ballot basis when it meets on Tuesday.

Communications Director Andy Barr:

"In making this pledge, we are taking to heart the good advice of the canvassing board and the best interests of Minnesotans who want to see this process move forward efficiently. We have the greatest respect for this process and for the men and women involved in carrying it out, and so we will work overtime between now and Tuesday to do our part. When the board meets on Tuesday, it will have fewer than 500 challenges from our campaign to individually review."

The Franken campaign has already withdrawn over 1,800 challenges and today's announcement was made in light of the canvassing board's goal of completing all of challenge reviews by December 19th.

The Minnesota Independent notes that the Franken campaign "is eager to please the board," especially since Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie "estimated that the State Canvassing Board could only evaluate 1,000 such ballots in the four days they've allotted this week."