01/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

IHOP: Another Top Google Search Term On Christmas Day

The No. 1 search term on Google this morning is "ihop," as in the International House of Pancakes. Apparently breakfast is on the table, just not the one folks have at home. Mom not mixing up a fresh batch? No matter, just jump in the SUV and head to IHOP, Waffle House (No. 9) or Denny's (No. 10).

The second trend is that folks want to know where they can spend more money. "Stores open on Christmas Day" (No. 2) reflects America's profligate ways. Didn't we keep hearing that people were going to simplify this holiday season? Weren't the recession, war and gas prices going to make this a bloody season for retailers? Not if these searches are any guide: "Wal-Mart Christmas Day hours" (No. 16) and "Is Best Buy open on Christmas" (No. 18).

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