01/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mumbai Attack Photos Captured By Photographers, Not Citizen Journalists

MUMBAI, India -- When the gunfire started at Mumbai's main train terminal last month, Sebastian D'souza was well placed to respond.

A month after the terrorist rampage that left 163 victims and 9 attackers dead, memories are blurring. Some witness accounts remain contradictory. But Mr. D'souza and another newspaper photographer, Vasant Prabhu, have millions of pixels of evidence that will remain part of the indelible record.

Their photos, some of them unpublished, provide detail and precision that is lacking from other witness accounts. They show brave attempts by police officers to stop the attackers. They also highlight the woeful inadequacy of the officers' weapons and thus help to explain how just 10 terrorists managed to hold a city hostage for three days.

Surprising in an era of camera phones and point-and-shoot pocket-size cameras, there are very few images from the attacks aside from those taken by Mr. D'souza and Mr. Prabhu, except for some grainy security camera images at the luxury hotels and one blurry photo of an attacker walking outside, taken from a newspaper office window by a photographer with The Times of India who was shot at but unharmed.

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