02/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Steven Tyler Talks Groupies, Sex And Venereal Disease

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler talks about his sex life in an interview with February's Elle Magazine.

Tyler, 60, has some advice for men who are about to propose. "Don't get fuckin' married" and "Lie till you die."

Judging by his answers, there has been plenty to lie about.

A sample, the first involving bandmate Joe Perry:

ELLE: When you and Joe competed for women, who won?

ST: Well, we didn't compete, but we did share. And the crabs won.

ELLE: In Walk This Way, the oral history of Aerosmith, the band's engineer, Rabbit Hansen, said that band members weren't to accept oral sex for the last 10 days of tour so as not to spread venereal diseases to girlfriends at home.

ST: That wasn't the band's rule. You didn't have sex for 10 days at the end of tour, but that was so you'd be sure to go home with a full cup of chowder. If you didn't, you were definitely suspect...

ELLE: Has any female celebrity ever shunned your advances?

ST: Never. I'm a persistent motherfucker. I'm very sensual and very rhythm-oriented and into poetry. Women can feel that.

Tyler has been married twice and divorced twice and successfully battled Hepatitis C. Read the whole thing here