02/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Cut Out The Waste When Moving

Movegreen's trucks run on biodiesel, and the company says it plants 10 trees for every move through a nonprofit group called Trees for the Future. The business also plans to design and order 200 to 300 of its own plastic bins, which it hopes to have by June.

But in the moving business, as in most businesses, going green can be expensive, and it may not always pay off. Fairly or not, movers often suffer from problems of reputation beyond just the issue of waste -- for lateness, careless handling, high rates -- and any changes that make their moves more expensive or less efficient can be disastrous.

"When a person is moving, they want to cut out any kind of potential surprises," said Mr. Ehrhardt of Movers Not Shakers. "They just want things to go smoothly because they are transitioning already. So they don't want any kind of surprises or New Age thinking."

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