02/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Water Footprint Calculator And Water Use Facts

Recently all the talk has been about carbon footprints. What about water footprints? Water conservation efforts will be big news in 2009. Historically water conservation has been an uphill battle due to the artificially low price of water. With a surging population, global warming and waste, many believe we are approaching "peak water". We have a finite supply of usable fresh water. Of the earths water only 3% is fresh water and only 1% of that water is drinkable.

Water is different than oil in the respect that we can not live without it. Oil can and hopefully soon will be replaced with alternatives. There is no alternative for water. So we must implement conservation efforts in every aspect of daily life and business. Many businesses recognize that water is a commodity and are implementing drastic conservation efforts to reduce need and in turn costs. As individuals we can reduce water usage by 50% by doing simple things like repairing leaky toilets and installing/replacing aerators on sinks.

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