03/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Emanuel Replacement Race: Quigley, Feigenholtz Jab Over Stroger Ties

In what may be a glimpse of the campaigning to come, Feigenholtz -- who is backed by EMILY's List, the influential political action committee that supports Democratic women candidates who support abortion rights -- tried to diminish the impact of the endorsement rival Quigley received from county commissioner Forest Claypool.

"It's no surprise he would endorse his fellow County Board member," Feigenholtz spokesman Franck said of Claypool. But he qualified that statement by contending that Quigley has supported controversial actions taken by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. "Unlike Mike Quigley, Claypool never embraced Stroger nor voted for his initial budget that cut frontline workers while adding Stroger's friends and family to the county payroll. We wish Commissioner Quigley had shown similar judgment," Franck said.

Quigley's camp lashed back with equal vigor, seeking to tie Feigenholtz -- long associated with the "reform" wing of the Chicago Democratic Party -- with both Stroger and the recently ousted governor of Illinois.

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