03/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Campaign AdWatch: Norm Coleman Still Making Campaign Ads

Sweet sassy molassey, the Norm Coleman campaign has a new ad up! Why? Why? Seriously. Why? Ain't nobody voting anymore, right? I thought this whole matter was going to be decided in the courts, or some sort of rapier-and-dagger battle at the Mall Of America, or something.

Here's the point, I guess, from the totally subtle Coleman ad. Tim Geithner didn't pay some taxes. And Tom Daschle didn't pay some taxes. And Hilda Solis, like some sort of MONSTER, married a guy who also didn't pay some taxes. And hey, look at this, lovers of SHINY THINGS: Al Franken, also, had some tax problems. They are all birds of a feather, poised to fly into the engines of America like dirty Canadian goose-terrorists. So suck on that, Court of Public Opinion!

The ad ends with this statement: "If Al Franken doesn't think he has to pay taxes, what else does he think he can get away with?" And that's some RIGHTEOUS TALK from a utility bill dodging, dirty-money taking, suit-question evading phony who'll probably end up in the middle of a can of legal worms if he prevails in his Senate recount battle.