03/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Octuplet Grandmother On "Selfish" Daughter, The Donor And The Jolie Comparisons (VIDEO)

Octuplet grandmother Angela Suleman called her daughter "selfish" for not wanting a father for her 14 children on CBS Wednesday morning. Earlier in the week she said she's forgiven her daughter Nadya.

Angela (who TMZ revealed Wednesday is 10 months behind in her mortgage) also told Maggie Rodriguez that while she is not sure, she does not believe her daughter has had plastic surgery. She attributed her swollen lips to pregnancy weight fluctuations and not an obsession with Angelina Jolie.

Asked how her daughter met the sperm donor dad to her kids, Angela said, "They were just friends. And she's a very persuasive, well-spoken young woman and somehow she must have talked him into it.... I doubt that she had to pay for anything really. She's a very convincing person"

But, Nadya does not want him involved, which Angela disagrees with. "I think is a kind of a little selfish act and I don't know why she would not have a father, the father of these children in her life. I don't."

As for Nadya's Jolie-resembling facial features and large brood, and the accompanying allegations of plastic surgery, Angelina claimed, "She never mentions celebrities. She's really not into that kind of thing. People think that she, you know, admires her [Angelina Jolie:, but I don't think so... I don't think she ever did [have plastic surgery]. She gained 130 pounds, so that makes a difference in the facial-- you know, in her features."

And Angela told CBS her daughter has promised not to have any more children.


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