03/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NY Post Chimp Cartoon Leads WaPo To Apologize In Advance

Politico reports that the Washington Post is apologizing in advance for a column, before any offense can be taken:

"The headline, illustration, and text of 'Below the Beltway,' a column in The Washington Post Magazine today, may cause offense to readers. The magazine was printed before a widely publicized incident last week in which a chimpanzee attacked a badly mauled
a woman in Stamford, Conn. In addition, the image and text inadvertently may conjure racial stereotypes that The Post does not countenance. We regret the lapse."

Last week, the New York Post came under fire for a cartoon that appeared to link President Obama to the dead chimpanzee. The paper offered a half-apology, saying they were sorry if anyone was offended but saying that vocal critics of the cartoon were "opportunists" to whom "no apology is due."

The Washington Post column, called "Monkey Business," riffs on a study suggesting women are attracted to apes.