03/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NY Daily News Runs Blind Quotes Justifying Rihanna Abuse

Allow me to posit that this article, running in today's New York Daily News, is evidence of a seriously messed-up brand of journalism. The piece, which deals with singer Chris Brown putting his girlfriend, Rihanna, in the hospital, with his fists, is entitled, "Chris Brown learns anger management; could Rihanna use it too?" Hey! Maybe so! Maybe I'm starting to edge up into eligibility for such an intervention, reading this! Especially the part where anonymous sources are allowed to advance the "She was asking for it" defense:

But insiders are rumbling that Chris shouldn't be taking the anger management classes alone. "Rihanna is temperamental, too," says our snitch. "They're both too hot-headed for their own good."

Adds another source: "It didn't help that Rihanna grabbed the keys out of his rented Lamborghini and threw them down the street. She knew it would really infuriate Chris, and it worked."

Yes! According to faceless, nameless sources who cannot provide for their whereabouts that evening, Rihanna's MASTER PLAN to get herself JACKED UP "worked" brilliantly.