04/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bradley Blakeman Takes His Shot At Limbaugh Criticism (VIDEO)

Criticizing Rush Limbaugh didn't work out that well for RNC Chair Michael Steele. In fact, it's worked out spectacularly unwell. DOUBLEPLUS UNWELL, sort of. But now it's time for MSNBC's America's Next Top Limbaugh Critic!

Enter Bradley Blakeman, "Republican strategist" and one of the people who briefly brought us "Freedom's Watch," which brought us numerous terrible campaign ads until all of funder Sheldon Adelson's money flew up to money heaven, never to return. Put on the spot by David Shuster to respond to whether Limbaugh is "right or wrong," Blakeman basically echoed the exact same script as Steele did:

SHUSTER: I'm going to illustrate the problem the Republicans have right now with you, my dear friend. When Rush Limbaugh says that all Republicans want President Obama to fail, is Rush wrong?

BLAKEMAN: Rush is wrong. Absolutely! But first and foremost...Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Most of the time he's outrageous, and that's what makes him command a big salary. The same as Bill Maher or Jon Stewart are not the spokesperson or leader of the Democratic Party. Or for that matter, the entire Hollywood establishment.

Of course, Blakeman was quick to give himself a teensy bit of wiggle room, moments later:

SHUSTER: Brad Blakeman you must be really secure in your business and connections because you are the first Republican that's been on MSNBC when I've been on that's been willing to say that Rush Limbaugh is wrong.* Kudos to you for being able to do that. Now explain why so many other Republicans have been unable to.

BLAKEMAN: Look, I don't think Republicans are saying that Rush Limbaugh is totally wrong. In fact, Rush Limbaugh, if you dissect what he said at CPAC, in effect what he's saying, tongue in cheek, is that we're not going to go lockstep with this President, that a lot of his policies we cannot support. It's his rhetoric that we have problems with, and I don't think that a majority of Americans want this President to fail.

Anyway, now we'll have to wait and see if Blakeman has what it takes to not prostrate himself before Limbaugh for one of the radio host's ritual emasculations. We're taking bets in the comments!


*Are they giving out special certificates for First Republican To Criticize Rush Limbaugh This Week On MSNBC, Specifically In The Presence Of David Shuster, or something?