04/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MSNBC's Shuster Pushes Back On Obama/Madoff Insanity

On last night's This Is The Address Of The White House, David Shuster took up the issue of the kooky, ratcheted up rhetoric that has come along with the financial crisis. Barack Obama is worse than Bernie Madoff! Glenn Beck is going to be sent to live in a FEMA Camp, where no one will have compassion for him and his YouTubes! Shuster asks the question: "Isn't there a danger when the rhetoric goes off the charts?" Uhm, yes! There's the danger of MASSIVE RATINGS for Glenn Beck, as a nation of looky loos tunes in to get their minds blown.

Even Republican strategist Brad Blakeman, who's helped produce some wackadoo rhetoric himself, thinks that the Madoff-Obama connections are well nigh upon bonkers. But Blakeman totally loses me when he compares the totalitarian-end-times rantings of Glenn Beck to Jon Stewart. Hey, if Beck wants to stipulate, right now, that his entire act has been one broad satire on the right-wing fringe at its most extreme, then I'm prepared to proclaim the man the next Sacha Baron Cohen. But I actually think that Beck is being, uhm...sincere...in his beliefs. His nutsauce, over-the-moon crazy beliefs. But LAWDY, are they fun to watch!


And via Newshounds, here's the full Fox News clip of Steve Forbes, David Asman, and Michael Ozanian indulging in this bizarre, Obama-is-Madoff fantasia, which is really just an insult to the people Madoff scammed.

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