04/19/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Michelle Obama's Facial Expressions: A Barometer Of The Administration (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama does not have much of a poker face. In fact, her facial expression has a tendency to reveal exactly what she's thinking.

Earlier in the week, New York Magazine pointed out what they called her "Barometric Expressions":

There is no evidence that Jackie Kennedy, the Mona Lisa of them all, even had teeth. Or Laura Bush, whose smile was so secretive she seemed to be stoned--that lacquered expression that gave nothing away. With Michelle, there is no dissimulation...

That's why her face is going to be one of the seismographs of this administration.

...Till now it's been the president's visage we watch change during his term in office--in the direction of fatigue and worry. This time it's going to be more interesting to watch hers evolve; to see if, four years down the road, she has learned to acquire a mask.

See the changes in her expressions below and tell us what you think -- does her face really give that much away?

Michelle Obama Faces