04/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

FedEx Plane Crash At Tokyo Airport Captured On Live TV (VIDEO)


In a gruesome scene captured on shocking video, a FedEx cargo plane ran off a runway and burst into flames, killing two crew members, on Monday morning. According to reports on CNN and Fox News, the accident was captured on live TV in Japan.

According to CNN:

Images from Tokyo's Narita airport showed the scene from the cargo plane bursting into flames.

Strong winds may have played a role in the crash, said Masaru Fujisaki, an airport official. The status of the pilot and co-pilot was not immediately known.

Video from the landing showed the plane bouncing at least twice on the runway before bursting into flames. The fire destroyed the aircraft.

Reuters reports:

"We have information that strong winds caused the plane to divert from the runway," a Narita Airport spokeswoman said, adding the plane had been on a FedEx cargo flight from Guangzhou, China.

The FedEx plane landed hard, tipped onto its left wing and burst into flames, video of the crash on public broadcaster NHK showed.

A bright orange fireball and black billowing smoke engulfed the plane as it flipped and skidded off the runway.