Pat Buchanan Recommends Sniper-Based Border Security

Media Monitor Greg doesn't want you to go without seeing this disconcerting moment from last night's edition of Hardball, in which Pat Buchanan, pressed by Chris Matthews into revealing what he'd do as Ambassador to Mexico to bring security to the border, suggests that -- among other things -- the border should be stocked with snipers. Mind you, not because he wants the snipers to just start sniping everyone crossing the border. No, no. The snipers would just kill the "coyotes" who bring people over the border, and who have been killing and raping people.

Of course, for these snipers to discern the coyotes from the other border jumpers, they'd have to be blessed with a powerful sort of extra-sensory perception. What then, if these powerful psychic snipers turn on the Nation that birthed them, and threaten America? Not to worry, we will deploy our army of magical robots. What happens if the psychic snipers and the Wizardbots team up? This is a scenario I have not "gamed out" yet, in my Doom Room.


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