05/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Super Cool Action Figures Of President Barack Obama! (SLIDESHOW)

Via Alex Balk comes one of the most enjoyable things you'll see all week - super cool action figures of President Barack Obama! FROM JAPAN. Yes, it would appear that someone or something called Gamu Toys has put out some lovingly crafted Obama toys, for fun and frolic. Chances are, sharing these images with you will get us sued, by angry ninjas, but we just cannot help ourselves.

If I can trust the translating ability of the Babelfish - which I cannot! - the manufacturer describes these toys thusly:

44th generation United States of America President Barack Obama - First African type American president and Barack Obama 44th generation United States of America president in history with 12 inch action figure multi-layerization of surprise.

It is to be the thing itself surprise where such commodity comes out, but don't you think? The foreign country with it seems that either such politician figure is not unusual. We have become 2008 American Presidential election specification, where also the clothes and the accessories represent that time belong. The clothes itself have become the private suit, but it is, "[bishitsu] dresses stylishly." Also, the part where size is not agreeable with the prime field very somewhat with to it does not go.

But eyeball that quality of the head which becomes is enormous, there is a thing it closes the eye. Obama how seeing from wherever, is Obama...or the notch. It has been reproduced securely to the part where also quality of paint is high, material feeling and the like of the skin is small.

As for clothes, all removal possibilities. Really the button and the belt are used to fixing inside.

To get a better feel for the incredible playtime possibilities of these action figures, please to enjoy a slide show.

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Obama Action Figures! [Gamu Toys]

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