05/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

White House EASTER EGG ROLL: See The Winning Egg Design!

A statement just out from the White House:

White House Releases Souvenir Easter Egg Design and Availability

The White House today unveiled the 2009 Souvenir Easter Egg. This is the first time the egg design has been available to families prior to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, to be held on Monday, April 13th. This year's Easter Egg Roll activities build on the theme of 'Let's Go Play,' which will seek to educate children on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. This year's egg is the 'greenest' egg in White House Easter Egg Roll history.

The 2009 egg:

· Uses 31% less paperboard than the 2008 designs

· Eliminates the need for the paper shred/filler

· Features an egg-shaped dye cut instead of a cellophane window

· Uses renewable, vegetable oil-based inks

Interested families can view the egg online and purchase it via the National Parks Foundation at www.nationalparks.org/WhiteHouseEasterEgg

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