05/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Lisa Ann: Eminem's Sarah Palin Dishes

Lisa Ann, aka the Sarah Palin look-alike who appears in the 'Nailin Palin' film as well as Eminem's new music video, tells Vibe about how it all came to be....

"I got the call three weeks ago from the production team that was working on the video who said that the director wanted them to contact me because I was the one who played Sara Palin in Nailin' Palin. I love Eminem and the fact that he hadn't put an album out in so long and it was his first video in five years, plus the director, Joseph Kahn, is so great, I knew I had to be in it. I was actually in Savanna, Georgia, at the time. I got back [to LA] on Sunday. The shoot was Monday and Tuesday but we got all of my scenes done on Monday, in one day. By the time the video launched [this past] Tuesday, I started getting calls at 4am from magazines, radio, Inside Edition..."