05/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Limbaugh Berates Caller For "Regurgitating Left-Wing Drivel" (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh blasted a caller on his radio show who blamed the host for encouraging anti-Obama rhetoric and advocating for last week's tax day tea parties.

The caller told Limbaugh he was partially responsible for the anger among the tea party protesters, along with Fox News and other conservative pundits.

"I truly believe a lot of the tea parties and all that activity had a lot to do with you and some other conservative radio and Fox News who is 'fair and balanced,' but they were actually, they had commercials for this stuff", the caller said.

Limbaugh blamed the caller for repeating "left-wing drivel."

This is a classic, what you are doing to me ... you are regurgitating the drivel I have read on left-wing blogs. You are classic. You have not said one original thing. I've heard everything you've said spewed by television commentators, written by bloggers and you are trying to mischaracterize and impugn the people who went to the tea parties as nothing but a bunch of mind-numbed robots, who were led there by svengalis and pied-pipers like me.

Limbaugh claimed he was not responsible for a "single tea party", and that people were reacting based on their own emotions.

"I had nothing to do with a single tea party!" he said. These that people who showed up showed up because they understood intellectually what is happening to their future and their children's future and what is happening to their country and they want to stop it."


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