05/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Susan Roesgen Video: CNN Reporter Being Taken To Task At Tea Party

Remember back on Tea Party Day how that CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, went on the air in Chicago, basically doing her best to manufacture a little action for the camera by beefing with the attendees, antagonistically? As crackpotty and as poorly reasoned as I find this whole teabagging thing, that Roesgen was just embarrassing. You can relive her furtive attempts to pick "pointless fights with Fox News" and rudely interrupt people, here.

Since then Roesgen has apparently been suspended, and really, who's weeping over that? Compounding the journalistic malpractice she's already displayed is the humiliations she must absorb in this video. Shot by a pro-Tea blogger, it captures the immediate aftermath, where one woman in the crowd takes Roesgen to task for her behavior and for some easily demonstrated examples of hypocrisy.

I mean, Roesgen really can't tell this woman, "I didn't say this was about Republicans or Democrats." She did! She signed off her report specifically calling the event "right-wing." And, honestly, I'd be more sympathetic to Roesgen's complaint of being antagonized if she hadn't just been so remarkably hostile herself, and pointlessly so.

It's important to note that Susan Roesgen has won herself no fans through this. Obviously, the Tea Partiers hate her. Media critics have loudly denounced her. One former CNN correspondent, Eileen O'Connor, feels she needs to apologize. And the progressives who think these Tea Parties are a joke aren't exactly falling all over each other to have Roesgen's back, either. She is truly on an island, here. The only kind words Roesgen is getting are coming from Greta Van Susteren, who charitably concludes, "I think she's been punished enough."


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