05/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Big Rig Police Chase Video: Man Clings To Back Of Semi During High-Speed Chase (VIDEO)

In a wild high-speed police chase, a trailerless semi truck flees authorities with a man clinging to the back of the vehicle. The truck eventually slows down enough to allow the man no the back to jump off, where he falls, gets up, and then seems to wander around. The man driving the truck is forced out by about a dozen police and wrestled to the ground after the truck stops, although not without some difficulty.

However, the highlight of this video is Fox News' Shepherd Smith's commentary. Smith is fired up and can hardly believe his eyes, exclaiming several times "Are you kidding?!" when referring to the man clinging to the back of the truck. He also states that he can't wait to find out what drugs this guy is on, and Smith's suspicions about the man being on drugs is confirmed in his mind when he sees how long it takes the police to subdue him.

Another thing I appreciated is how Smith tells his producers numerous times to get rid of the chryon at the bottom of the screen so we can have a full view of the chase. Good stuff.


Police said they arrested a man who stole a trailerless semi Tuesday and led them on a 50-mile chase down a Georgia interstate with the semi's owner clinging to the back.

A state trooper was shot in the arm during the incident, but authorities do not think the carjacking suspect fired at the officer. It was not immediately clear where the gunshot came from.

Capt. Jason Bolton with the Henry County police department said authorities believe the suspect carjacked the truck in Union City just south of Atlanta. Bolton said county authorities helped chase the truck as it barreled down Interstate 75 with the truck's owner sitting on the back.

TV helicopter footage showed the owner jumping off the back of the truck and into the middle of the interstate as it slowed down in Monroe County. When the truck stopped, armed officers surrounded it and broke through the windows before pulling the driver out and wrestling him to the ground.