Snoutbreak '09: The "Daily Show" Mocks The Swine Flu Scare-Off (VIDEO)

As the media coverage of swine flu reaches a fevered pitch, Jon Stewart wants you to know that at 149 deaths in Mexico, it still ranks last on the "list of things that can kill you in Mexico."

In the first video below, Stewart took on the 24-hour news networks, mocking their sensationalist graphics, writing, and questions as intentionally terrifying. He compiled clips of reporters and anchors saying that the whole world could perish, that this could be an act of bioterrorism, etc. and then showed clips of them saying "we don't want to freak anybody out." Really?

In the second video below, John Oliver reports from the CDC and Jason Jones reports things he heard from some guy. The latter begins to believe Oliver's soothing words are just a cover-up for him being a British swine-flu zombie and urges fans to shoot him in the head. Poor John Oliver.


Full Episodes
Full Episodes

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