Dutch Queen Target Of Car Attack At Parade (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The AP reports that five people died during a parade for Dutch Queen Beatrix when a car is reported to have crashed into the progression.

No members of the royal family were hurt, but Dutch officials tell the BBC that they believe the crash was an intentional attack. From BBC:

Cynthia Boll, a photographer at the scene, told the BBC the car was already badly damaged before it slammed into the crowds at high speed.

The crowds were celebrating Queen's Day - a national holiday in the Netherlands when thousands of people take to the streets to celebrate the queen's official birthday.

The New York Times echoes the statements of Dutch officials that the attack seems to have been an intentional, targeted strike at the royal family. Police arrested the man driving the car as soon as it crashed. He is reported to have been unarmed and acting alone, according to the Times:

Dutch officials said the man had "acted deliberately" but they ruled out links with a terrorist group. "The driver is suspected of trying to attack the royal family," a spokesperson for the Dutch police said, not giving additional details as to a possible motive.

Here is a video report of the incident:


Read the full BBC account here, or scroll down for photos.