06/01/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stephen Colbert, Jonathan Alter Discuss Obama's "First Fourteen Mondays" (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert suitably lampooned the media's obsession with the First 100 Days by examining the Obama administration through the lens of the "First 14 Mondays," which Colbert called "the latest in totally random ways to judge a presidency." Joining Colbert was Jonathan Alter, who helped Colbert make an "arbitrary comparison to another American president," in this case, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because FDR had set the "gold standard for first fourteen Mondays, in that on his fourteenth Monday, he took America off the gold standard." Also, because Alter wrote The Defining Moment, a book about FDR, but that gold standard thing was a pretty good line.

Alter was well-informed and ready to go along with the First Fourteen Mondays conceit, noting that FDR had himself a good panic attack in the Oval Office on his first Monday, mere moments after becoming the first President to defy area traffic regulations. Sort of a mixed bag!

Alter suggested that while Obama had not accomplished as much as FDR, he was nevertheless "in FDR's league." "As a socialist," went Colbert's riposte.


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