07/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Twitter On The TV: America's Best (And Worst) Microblogging Moments (VIDEO)

Who can forget Stephen Colbert making Meredith Vieira squirm by saying "twat" on the "Today Show"? Or Oprah tweeting for the first time? Or Jimmy Kimmel mocking Oprah for tweeting for the first time by changing her text to read "MY TOENAILS TASTE LIKE BUTTERSCOTCH"?

In three short years Twitter has gone from a nonsense word to a nonsense "news" topic, making anchors and pundits alike buzz with glee over what they had for breakfast and what their audience thinks of what they had for breakfast. (Note: It was a bagel)

Everyone from CSPAN to FOX News is getting into the Twitterverse: A place where Ashton Kutcher is the most popular man in the world and Demi Moore saves lives. It's a very dangerous place.

We here at the Huffington Post have compiled the best moments from TV's Twitter coverage for your viewing pleasure. We dare you not to throw up a little.