07/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Mideast Trip Exposes The Secret Muslimness Of Brian Williams (VIDEO)

Sweet Golly Goshens but does Matt Drudge have the scooplet of the century! He's got a picture of NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams -- who was recently up at the White House shooting the latest edition of MSNBC: Cribs! -- doing the unthinkable! BOWING TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. In the tank! In the tank!

Now: what should you infer from this? Duh! How about you infer "the worst"? If you cast your mind back, you'll no doubt remember that President Obama once bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. That means, by the transitive theory of asininity, BRIAN WILLIAMS IS NOW BOUND IN SERVICE TO SAUDI ARABIA. Why won't the birthers immediately impanel one of their Citizen Grand Juries to indict BriWi for treason?

Also, did you hear that President Obama used the word "shukran," -- which means "thank you," in Arabic -- to say "thank you," to an Arab? HMMMM. JUST WHAT IS BARACK OBAMA'S GAME, HERE? As Ben Smith points out, saying "shukran" is something "he wouldn't have done on the [campaign] trail." Yes! It's almost as if President Obama mainly encountered Americans on the campaign trail!

OH NOES! It seems that they've gotten to brave old General David Petraeus, too!

Obviously, for your own protection, you should burn the internet after reading this.


David Petraeus IS A SECRET MUSLIM [The Washington Independent]

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