07/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Woman Who Swiped 12-Year-Old Girl's Ice Cream Money Turned In (WATCH SURVEILLANCE VIDEO)

A woman who stole a 12-year-old girl's $20 bill from the counter of a Deerfield Baskin-Robbins last month was turned in by her husband Wednesday after a family friend recognized her from surveillance footage.

Deerfield Deputy Police Chief Tom Keane told the Tribune the woman would not be charged but had agreed to pay the girl back.

Investigators were unsure whether the May 15 theft, which was caught on camera, was deliberate or an accident.

The footage (watch below) shows the woman grabbing her ice cream and the young girl's money from the counter and leaving the store.

At the time, the girl whose money was taken told officers she had spoken with the woman about flavors and exchanged smiles, according the CBS 2.

Baskin-Robbins said last week that it planned to give the girl an ice cream party and a gift certificate.

Watch the surveillance video:

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