07/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bahrain Woman Jailed For Kissing In Public

Gulf News reports that Bahrain jailed a woman for 20 days for kissing in public and then arguing with the police over the incident.

The couple was caught by a police patrol as they were getting intimate inside a car, according to the court papers. However, when the police wanted to arrest them for "indecent behaviour in public", the woman shouted at one of the officers, saying that what she and the man were doing was "none of their business".

She was eventually arrested and the Lower Criminal Court convicted her of public indecency and insulting a policeman carrying out his duties. The Bahraini man is being tried separately.

The BBC reports that "light displays of affection" like holding hands is allowed in Bahrain, but kissing in public crosses the line.

And having sex in pubic? A female student was sent to prison for three months for having sex with her boyfriend in a carpark. What if any legal action was taken against the male counterpart engaged in this illegal activity was not reported.

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