07/31/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wild Dallas Police Chase Ends In Brutal Crash (VIDEO)

A wild Dallas police chase that lasted 90 minutes and went through three cities ended with a brutal crash at the Garland Intersection, leaving the runaway driver in serious condition. From the LiveLeak report:

The Nissan's sedan eluded a phalanx of squad cars at speeds up to 100 mph on a back-and-forth route that included Interstate 30, LBJ Freeway and local streets. The suspect has been named as Shane Michel.

At one point, the he skidded out of control on a highway exit ramp and struck a highway sign head-on. The sign flipped over the car and shattered the car's rear window, but the driver kept going across a grassy median and resumed his flight.

The driver of the sedan got squeezed at a traffic light and tried to force his way through the Garland Intersection and was smashed into by a pickup truck.

Watch it below.